When Life Gets Crazy... Savor It

Over the last week we've had over 300 guests at the farm. It really seems insane, but we love it.
I LOVE having people here.
We hosted our student ministry family kick-off. Have I mentioned how much fun those teens are?
Families building a sense of community in a large church is so important

Human foosball was a big hit

Ultimate frisbee and flag football for the big kids.

Volleyball, bouncy houses, and food for everyone

We are finally figuring out the large-crowd thing and it actually runs pretty smoothly. We've learned that baked potatoes on the grill feed a hungry crowd. My farmer is a grill master.  Seriously, he cooked enough chicken and hotdogs to feed 200+ last Saturday like a champ.
We are also big fans of the good old fashioned covered-dish. But we've learned the hard way that people really do need to sign up for specific dishes. We've had a party with one side dish and 7 different salsa/bean dips and another party with meat and dessert.  I love dessert, but it doesn't fill up the kids like mac-n-cheese or green beans.
Do you know about Sign-Up Genius? It is the best kept secret for party/sports/covered dish functions.

Aside from hosting large group gatherings, late August and most of September sweep me away.  Not to a tropical location, but into my car, who we affectionately call Ruby. I can easily put 100 miles on my car just traveling to practices and school within 3 days.
The start of school for our oldest has been good. She loves her teachers and feels right at home. So thankful.

Volleyball season has started for our younger daughter and that means practice or games 4 days a week. It is a crazy couple of months, but it sure is fun. I love the girls on her team and the healthy friendships being established.

I can't maintain this pace, but when I know this is only a season, I press on and truly try to savor it.  My sweet mom said the other day, "I know you are overwhelmed and life feels crazy, but enjoy it.  It really is one of the most fun seasons of life. The quiet season will come and you will look back and realize how great it really was." Such sage advice. I realized I don't want to savor it when it is over. I want to savor it now. Some days I long for solitude and quiet ... and not being in the car. But I need to live life now. I want to eat up every moment God has given me with my kids. I want to enjoy it to the fullest.