So Much Happened in October...

 Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile. ~ William Cullen Bryant

I had a chance to slip away to the NC mountains
 and be an only child for two solid days...

The view from my parents' back deck... not a bad spot to sip coffee
 We drove all of the winding roads that usually make my kids carsick, hiked my favorite places, and soaked in the fall beauty.

 One of my most favorite places on earth is Grayson Highlands, Va. We didn't start the day with a plan, but somehow we ended up there. Know why I love it?
Wild ponies.
We had searched for them our entire hike, and almost given up. Then we rounded a curve on the way back to the car, and there stood a momma and her colt wrapped in their winter coats. I couldn't stop smiling.

I think God likes surprises...
 I've shared how God provided mulch and gravel for the farm here. And I've shared how a pavilion was built like stone soup here. This past month, I know He was smiling down from heaven when His people got together and surprised us with a tractor. They were anonymous givers, but we are so incredibly grateful. My Farmer was grinning for days.
 We are trying to decide what color she should be. Also, I think she needs a name... Thoughts?

October brings the North Carolina State Fair.
 Some years we skip the fair,  but this year my Farmer said, "Let's go together."  I love that he is still full of surprises.
 We happened to choose the least crowded night, which was perfect.

My volleyball girl (#28) finished the season strong. After three days at the state finals, we came home second in the state of NC. I'm so proud of her determination. It was a season of learning and character building. Middle school girls teach life lessons. I'm proud of the way she handled it all.  Her character shines and she truly loves Jesus.

October was FULL. It was fun. But my favorite month of the year has begun: NOVEMBER
November is so much quieter. It is my month of reflection and thankfulness...
and sweater weather!