About the Farm Girl

I'm Gretchen, mother to three growing kids, wife to the Farmer, and seeker of simple beauty.  It was a God-sized miracle, but we took the plunge, followed our dream, and now live on a farm we've carved out of the rolling landscape of North Carolina. (See "Our Story" above).

I'm putting my degree in education to work as I homeschool two of our three kids.   My former English teacher would be surprised, but I discovered my love for the written word and now use those skills to write and publish curriculum.

I've always had a weakness for interior design.  As a teen, my mother let me create window treatments out of fabric and rubber bands.  Bless her!  The Farmer and I have lived in six homes and been through more paint colors (good, bad, and what-was-I-thinking) than I can remember.  I love creating beautiful spaces, no matter the budget.  It thrills my soul to help others create a space they love to call home.  A couple of years ago a friend encouraged me to use those skills on a professional level.  Now I get paid to do what I love.  God is so good!

God knew what he was doing when He put us together.  After 19 years of marriage, this man still romances me... probably even more than when we were young kids, new-to-love.  Not only does he treat me like a queen, he is an amazing dad.  He loves our kids and knows how to enjoy them.  He invests in them and their friends.  I love that he is a great example of a godly man, full of character.  At Willow Hill Farm, we make a great team.  I come up with crazy ideas and he usually figures out a way to make them happen.  We've always been on a tight budget, but that makes us work together even better.  It's always an adventure with this guy.

It is my desire that you see God's beauty and grace here.  As you read this blog, I hope you will discover that I am a down to earth girl who loves to encourage, laugh, and inspire.   I maintain a messy closet and never leave the house without mascara.  I firmly believe that parenting is not for the faint of heart.  Chai lattes are my weakness.  Words of affirmation are my love language.  Christ is my foundation.
Welcome, friend!

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  1. Love this! Sounds like a beautiful family and marriage :) You are blessed!
    Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com


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