What We Did with the Salvaged Barnwood

 When we laid out the plans for the property, we had a necessary structure list: a barn, henhouse, and our home.  Then we had a "maybe one day" list.  One of those things was a picnic pavilion.  We envisioned string lights, tables laden with food, some live bluegrass music... you get the picture.  Our "one day" became a reality a lot sooner than we expected.  (click here to read about how another "one day" became our life on the farm) 

Seriously, we can't make this stuff up:
Word got out about how we have been using our farm to bless large crowds and some people wanted to be a part of it...without us asking!  We got a call that a local lumber company wanted to donate the wood for a pavilion.  Then a local framer sent his crew to frame the structure (with our help, too).  Next, a painter offered to stain the raw wood.  A friend donated the shingles and a roofer donated his labor to put it on.  A local lighting store joined in the fun and donated two outdoor ceiling fans; and you guessed it, an electrician donated his time to wire it up.
We chose a location close to the barn so that power could be easily run to the pavilion.
 As with all projects on the farm, it was a family project.  We worked hard to lay the decking.
 Sometimes trying to beat the rain...

 A friend was remodeling her kitchen and this brass chandelier was in the trash pile.  I snatched it up, added a coat of black spray paint, and fell in love.

This 40" granite step came from the grandparent's farm.  Pretty sure it weighs more than my car. I love reusing things with sentimental value.

We purchased three things for this project.  1. Nails. 2. Lattice to keep out cats and other animals that might want to make their homes under the deck.
3. String lights.
We looked in the big box hardware stores and online, but our budget was super tight.  Then one day I happened to be at Big Lots and found these in the garden section.  We didn't want anything that would be too bright (no bugs invited).  These are actually small christmas tree lights with plastic clear ball coverings. They look like the glass ones but will be much more durable.  The price was perfect too!

Remember the barn from the previous post?  This is what we did with the salvaged barnwood:
We wanted our new pavilion to have rustic, old charm.

 The pavilion is 16x30' and I love every square inch.

Eventually we will stain the floor and support beams to match the rafters, but for now it is time to enjoy.

It is the perfect length for three long banquet tables for a serving buffet, or we can double that side by side for a sit down dinner.  If it rains, we can keep a lot of friends dry.

 Over the last month we've had two large birthday parties, a couple of family gatherings, the youth group, a father-son event, and our Life class family picnic.
 Yes, it has been well used already.
We still have some finishing touches, but that's for another day.  We hope to bless many people with this gift of space.  Who knows, one day, there might even be a wedding here.  One day...

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  1. How amazing!!! What an awesome story you have... LOVE that you took that first LEAP and realized your dream come true!!!! I am coming over from Imparting Grace... but NOW, I am a follower .... :) ... Beautiful country in your great state!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your party pavilion!!! Featuring you tomorrow! XO, Aimee

  3. Love it !! Its beautiful and you will get sooo much use out of it! We are working on a covered area for our outside fireplace...I really like your project! I am off to have a look around your blog...from one country girl to another, have a great day!

  4. I am a little green with envy! This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your kids will always remember the times in the pavillion! The fact that so many people came together to make this happen is priceless!


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