Farmhouse Christmas Tour

Welcome to Willow Hill Farm

I chose to do a "Classic Christmas" theme this year. 
 Warm and cozy 
 Tradition with a spin

Come on in!

Welcome to the reading room. 

This is the quiet room, as you can see from the sleeping dog. He thinks he owns this room and lets us join him every once in awhile. 
Our advent trees add just enough sparkle and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.

My dad made this little wooden sled years ago. 

 The keeping room

I found these free printable chalkboard ornaments online (I'm sorry I can't remember where). Printed off at Kinkos so I wouldn't use all my black ink. A sheet of three ornaments for .19 made me smile.

 Wrapping paper from Target and Hobby Lobby

Come on up to the bonus room!

This is the kid zone, so we went whimsical.

Back down in the heart of the home, touches of Christmas cheer here and there.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


  1. Everything is SO LOVELY Gretchen!!! We've been enjoying our Christmas season so much. Lots of fun get togethers and good food!

  2. I love your home, especially at christmas time! Beautiful!

  3. I love everything! Especially the occupants!! Everything was so homey & welcoming, just like y'all.


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