Meet Murphy

 We've been looking for a little dog for about three years. We went through a ton of foster dogs hoping to find the perfect addition to our family, but they were meant for other families. One night I stumbled upon this little guy while scrolling through the local classifieds website. The Farmer was out of town so I texted him the picture with the link. He replied in a text: "Let's do it!" We don't usually make major life decisions via text...
The day we picked him up... a very happy boy
 He is a Shorkie (Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix). At three and a half months he weighs 8 lbs. Not to big, not too small...

His name was a bit of a dilemma because we have 5 opinionated people living at Willow Hill Farm. Some of the names in the running were Oliver, Nugget, and Bucky. After a veto and two votes, we finally agreed on Murphy, which suits him perfectly.
 He is so sweet and cuddly. He wants to be by my side constantly when the kids aren't around. Seriously, who can resist that face??
He has wiggled his way into our hearts, so I'm sure you'll be reading more about Murphy here on WHFG.

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  1. Not to mention how snugly & cuddly he is, how fun, how cute when he runs around, adaptable, & just all around a great addition to the family! 😊


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