July Recap

It's been a super busy month around here.  I thought I'd share the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  My brother is currently deployed, so if some of this seems trivial information, keep in mind that peeks into our everyday life are like a little treasure for him.

1. A sly fox that has discovered our hens.  Last week, she waited until my husband pulled out of the driveway and attacked.  I just happened to be looking out the window and thought "Why is there a red cat chasing the chickens?" Then reality hit and I tore through the house yelling, "Get the gun! Call dad!"  Who am I?? Get the gun?  Our hens are secured at night, but they free range during the day.  So within 7 minutes of the hens being released, she helped herself.  She continues to outsmart us, but we've called in an expert.  Time to get serious because she's cutting in on our egg production.

2. I've had a few little "Me Dates" lately.  That's what I call an unexpected little date with myself while I wait on various kid activities.  It's been the busiest mom-taxi summer, so I finally got wise and started carrying a book with me.  A cup of coffee is much cheaper than shopping and tastes twice as yummy.
 On a side note, about the mom-taxi thing... I was having a lil attitude about all the driving and kid-shuffling.  Then I realized that my oldest will be driving next summer and I won't be needed.  Won't. Be. Needed.  That thought kinda stuck in my gut and my perspective immediately changed.  Now I savor these across-town car rides.  Well, most of the time.

3. We have been in our house less than two years.  Last March (17 months after installing brand new carpet) I started noticing the carpet in our bedroom.  Like noticing how unattractive it had become.  I contacted the place we purchased the carpet from and they then connected us with a service rep from Shaw Carpets.  I'm not a frequent flyer of the complaint department, so for me to work up the nerve to contact the company, you know it was bad.  The traffic pattern on our carpet looked worse than the carpet we left in our last house after 11 years.
Picture taken immediately after vacuuming.
The cutest little old man showed up to check out our carpet. Have I mentioned my affinity for old men?  He spent 35 minutes telling me his life story (in which I gathered he was 80+) and he fit the Jersey-boy-retires-to-Florida stereotype perfectly.  Concern floated through my head when I had to physically help him up off the floor after his inspection.  I was equally concerned when I had to walk behind him up the stairs, prepared to catch him.  He took evidence pictures with a 1999 digital camera and then left.  I was fully expecting the company to see the pictures and say, "We make better products than that!"  Instead I got a cold letter that stated there was "nothing visibly wrong with the product."  Um... see photo above.  So here's my thought: if you are thinking about installing carpet in your home, avoid Shaw Carpets.  Learn from my mistake.

4. I'm going to get bent out of shape if we talk about faulty carpet much longer, so instead, let me show you my favorite quiet spot.
 Our master bedroom is my true retreat.  It's not huge, but it is soft, clutter-free, and quiet.

5. A quick little trip to the beach with some friends was a real treat. The water was the most gorgeous I've ever seen it.  NC beach water can range from brown to green to dark blue.  That day we enjoyed Caribbean-like water.

6. The kitchen desk got a little makeover and decluttered.  Yes, this is noteworthy because this space used to be the hub of chaos.

7. We started a new school year, in a new space.  More on that soon...

8. I can't get enough of these:
Thank you, Harris Teeter, for putting them on sale so I stay out of the chocolate and into the fruit.

9. Our baby went to camp for the first time this summer and LOVED it. Volleyball season has begun for our middle child.  I love seeing those girls play together and hanging out with the other crazy vb moms.  We haven't seen much of our oldest child because she has been volunteering at a local camp all summer.  I miss her, but I am SO grateful for the life experience she is gaining.  Her growth in the Lord is totally worth missing a few family meals.

10. A couple of weeks ago the Farmer and I were walking the property discussing the needs of the farm.  Mulch and gravel were at the top of the list.  Two things that would cost a lot of money, but necessary.  The very next morning, three giant dump trucks arrived with mulch. Free mulch.
 God is so good.  
Then, last week, a guy called the Farmer out of the blue and said, "I'm tearing up a parking lot.  Could you use the gravel that is underneath?"  FIVE dump trucks of free gravel arrived.  Now our little lane won't wash away.
And we stand in awe.


  1. Love this! God is always on time!

  2. Love how the Lord works! Great to see your happenings!

  3. What a WONDERFUL PROVIDER He is!!! Great idea about the book and coffee time...whatcha' reading?!!!

  4. Hey Willow Farm Girl, Guess who has a new blog?!!! Whoo hooo!!! Miss you!


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