Summer Keeping Room

 Welcome to our keeping room, ya'll!  Some would call it a den, or maybe even a sunroom.  It is the place we all curl up to watch a good movie, read a book, or sit by the fire.
 We planned this room to be open to our kitchen to help the flow of conversation and large crowds.
I recently lightened things up for the summer.  Natural fibers, light colors, and a bright rug bring in the sun.

This room is constantly changing.  I've wanted new furniture for... ever.  But since a room full of new furniture isn't in the budget for the next ten years, we just get creative and make it work.  The first big hurdle was finding a comfortable chair.  I looked high and low for two years but could not find a recliner (that doesn't look like Grandpa's recliner from the 70's) that would fit in our budget.
 On a recent trip to the mothership IKEA, I found this comfortable chair with an ottoman. I loved the fun lines, casual feel, and simple fabric.  The price was right, so we finally took the plunge and bought a new chair.

My mantle makeover was nearly free. The tobacco basket from my husband's grandfather's farm used to hang on our barn.  The direct sun and weather were aging it too fast, so I slapped on a coat of white-wash and brought it inside.  A dear friend was having a yard sale and gave me first dibs on her decor items.  The iron candelabra is over 2 feet tall.  I'm seriously in love.  White candles from the dollar store finished the project.  

This time of year I like to add in some nautical elements that whisper summer.  

 Have you ever been to a white elephant party?  A couple of years ago, someone brought this little weather vane as their "trash" gift.  I fought hard to be the one taking it home.  Sure, in December it seemed a little funky but I knew it would be perfect for my summer mantle.  Score!

 I love to sit on the couch and look out the windows toward our pond.  It's my favorite spot in the house.
Where is your favorite place to sit?


  1. I am obsessed with that pineapple chair. If you ever get the inclination to get a recliner for that spot too please let me know! I want first dibs on it :)

  2. I changed your name in my blog feed! I kept thinking you weren't blogging because your old blog wasn't updating! I'm so happy you're still here!!!!!

    We have a little sitting room in the front of the house. Lots of windows and charming French doors. It's painted a mint green color and sheer curtains hang on the windows. It is where I go to read and relax (in a house full of mostly boys!)


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